Smashing the Patriarchy From the Inside Out

I think and talk a lot about the idea of smashing the patriarchy.

But HOW THE FUCK do we do that?

I used to think this was impossible. NEWSFLASH: It’s not.

I also used to think it was something that could only happen on a broad systemic level. We do need that. WE REALLY NEED THAT. But the macro approach is not the ONLY approach.

It is really easy to get super mad about patriarchal bullshit and then think, “Yeah well what can little old me do to change this?” Especially if you are not the type of person to get involved in politics or activism.

The secret is that the inner work is just as powerful as the outer. Looking at your shadow is just as powerful as showing up to protest. Healing your trauma is just as important as passing legislation.

Don’t get me wrong. The legislation NEEDS to be passed. POWER to the Protesters. But we also need a massive collective mental and emotional shift.

How does a massive collective mental and emotional shift happen?


That is why the empowerment work I do is so important to me. Because I LOVE the magic of watching one person have revelations and transformations and come into her power, but I also know that every single woman who comes into her power adds up. It’s contagious.

The internal work you do that helps you show up in a bigger way in the world, makes a difference. Maybe you loving your body and asking for what you want in your relationship and at work doesn’t cause a seismic shift.

But MILLIONS OF WOMEN loving their bodies? Asking for what they want?


It starts inside. It can start small.

It is ok if you are not an activist or you don’t have political aspirations. (That’s me, too.)

Do your internal work. Look into your shadows, clear your blocks, figure out what you want. Tell the women in your life about it.

To quote the legendary Sylvia Plath:

“Our kind multiplies.

We shall by morning

Inherit the earth.

Our foot’s in the door.”

Let’s keep kicking at that door, shall we?

If you are ready to start smashing the patriarchy from the inside out, DM me…

xo Laura

xo laura

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