I think and talk a lot about the idea of smashing the patriarchy. But HOW THE FUCK do we do that? I used to think this was impossible. NEWSFLASH: It’s not. I also used to think it was something that could only happen on a broad systemic level. We do need that. WE REALLY NEED […]

How to Smash the Patriarchy From the Inside Out


THE SECRET TO CHANGING BODY HATE TO LOVE AND ACCEPTANCE? HINT: It’s not complicated. It’s bringing love and acceptance to your body. “Well that’s way easier said than done,” scoffs the reader. Stay with me! So often we hate on ourselves, we nitpick everything, we judge our bodies and our looks by what we see […]

The Secret to Changing Body Hate to Love…


LOVING YOUR BODY. I know, it sounds like a simple idea, but it’s a REVOLUTIONARY practice. Think about it for a moment. How much of your life do you spend hating your body? Glamour once did a survey and found that women have an average of 13 NEGATIVE BODY THOUGHTS every day. Some of the women […]

The Key to Transforming Your Entire Life


STOP JUDGING WOMEN’S BODIES. ESPECIALLY YOUR OWN. You know you do it. Even the sweetest amongst us does it. It comes almost as naturally as breathing – to look at our body or some other woman’s body and judge it. “She has no business wearing a sleeveless top with those arms.” “She’s so fat.” “My legs […]

Five Steps to Curb Body Shaming


If ever there were a perfect time to tell y’all my own story, it would be now. While literally everything feels like it is upside down and nothing except total vulnerability and transparency is called for. Where the fuck do I even start with this? There are some things that, once they haven’t been spoken […]

Burn the Whole Thing Down and Start Over

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Radical Self-Love

Radical Self-Love

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